BEST Livelihood Program



To provide a proper vehicle to all, so the poor and the marginalized sectors of society could easily provide their basic needs and achieve true inclusive growth and attain sustainability   and prosperity in life with their loved ones.

Considerable sums have been spent on projects designed to provide people with alternative ways to make a living in and around protected or biodiverse areas around the world, but do such projects work?

Since the 1980s, governments around the world, donors and conservation and development organizations have spent vast sums on ‘alternative livelihoods’ projects that encourage people to cease an environmentally damaging activity in place of a sustainable one. But as there is a lack of evidence as to whether these projects work, we are undertaking a systematic study of the evidence and we would like your help.

Alternative livelihoods projects have been introduced in a variety of contexts: in the Philippines, Uganda, other countries to support various conservation efforts and improve people’s lives. We will continually explore various avenues to update the poor and the marginalized sectors of society on various livelihood opportunities available in the marketplace<