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Come home to a brand new Iloilo and enjoy the usual sweetness of the Ilonggos. Now, you have more than enough reason to come home to a more beautiful Iloilo as the completion of DECA HOMES Iloilo is on the horizon. DECA Homes Pavia Resort and Residences (DHPRR) is the biggest real estate development project in the whole of Panay region with about 140 hectare lot to develop. Two barangays namely Jibao-an & Pandac in the town of Pavia host Deca Homes Iloilo community. This place is not just a safe, convenient and healthy place to live in, it is also one of the most affordable residential communities ever built in the entire Western Visayas Region. Come and celebrate life in this beautiful community of sweet people where comfort, convenience, security & affordability converge.

Pavia is a small town at the northern outskirts of Iloilo. Its municipal center is only 9.6 kilometers away from the Provincial capital which is

Deca Homes Iloilo Pavia communities is really intended to be a low cost housing, to increase market coverage and affordability and to quickly answer what have been established as home shortage within the Province of Iloilo and its nearby Provinces like Guimaras, Capiz, Antique and Negros Occidental. This massively beautiful residential communities in Iloilo will break the usual stereotypes labelling them as “very expensive” and “too far to reach”. Deca Homes fully understand the issue of homelessness in the middle of this fast rising province, this is an opportunity for everyone to grab. This project is about affordability and owning a nice and decent place you can call your home. DHPRR is about helping deserving & hardworking Filipinos, especially the Ilonggos, to reach their dream of securing their family’s future in this beautiful community.

This huge residential development project in Pavia, Iloilo is set to complete 2,861 single attached residential units, each with an 80 to 100 square meter lot at about 45 to 50 square meters floor area. These townhouse type residential units are mostly 2 storey residential buildings. These<


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