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It is adjacent to Deca Homes Baywalk Phase 2 and Phase 1 with separate amenities…

Deca Homes Baywalk Talisay Phase 3 – is the only affordable House and Lot for sale in Talisay City with Small Equity or Downpayment and balance loanable to Pag ibig.

Dreams can now become a reality because we, at 8990 Housing Development Corporation, help you realize your dream of owning that dream house of top quality that’s within your reach-quality homes that reflect your distinct taste and style at unparalleled value. Hassle-free and worry-free. With DECA Homes, you and your family can now live the quality life you deserve.

We at DECA Homes, value our clients’ trust as well. That’s why we offer you an expansive market coverage, easy eligibility, low equity and monthly amortization, a friendly rate and an easy move-in policy with no hidden charges, no additional cost and definitely no extra move-in fee.

Construction using precast concrete involves casting and curing reinforced concrete in a controlled environment, before transporting them to construction sites for lifting, assembly, and finishing. The whole process allows the construction of housing units in just eight to 10 days, compared to the traditional method of piling hollow blocks on top of each other, which requires around 45-60 days.

More than building houses nationwide, 8990 Housing’s DECA HOMES provides a more meaningful family life: gated villages, basketball courts, swimming pools, club houses, and our world class wakeboard parks.

Deca Homes Baywalk Phase – is the only affordable Houses for sale in Talisay City, Cebu. It is located adjacent to Deca Homes Baywalk Phase 1 with separate Entrance Gate and Guardhouse. Phase 2 has now new design with the façade and new color scheme but with same floor area with Phase 1.

You can choose the Regular Unit or with Garage Unit.
Lot Area   : 40 sq. m
Floor Area: 54.4 sq. m.
Lot Area:     52 sq. m.
Floor Area:  54.4 sq. m.

*3,000 to 4,000 psi, bare pre-cast unit w/o room partition, floor tiles and enclosure of service area.
*Rare window closet, lavatory, shower, faucet and wall tiles are provided.
*Width of minor roads are 6.5m while major roads are 10.00 meters wiede.
*Easements of Baywalk Talisay Phase 2 either from the seawall /river shall not be used by the adjoining homeowners.
*Any given schedule of house completion and turn over is only a projection, target or an estimate w/c is subject to slippage for whaterver reason & circumstances that may rise.<


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