Environmental and Urban/Regional Planning Consulting

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We also specialize in preparing Comprehensive Land-use Plans(CLUPs) for Local Government Units (LGUs) such as municipalities, cities, provinces throughout the country and even international if possible.  Other related services are as follows:

  1. Preparing Traffic Impact Assessments(TIAs) for new companies to be submitted to LGUs, HLURB, etc. prior to business permit approval;
  2. Preparing Enviromental Impact Assessments (EIAs) which are required by the Department of Environment  and Natural Resources (DENR) prior to approval and issuance of those projects required to be issued Environmental Compliance Certificates(ECCs) prior to going ahead of environmentally concerned projects.

Urbanism is a working methodology for enabling change and delivering complexity in towns and cities. It could be termed ‘emergent’ urbanism, ‘open’ or even ‘responsive’ or ‘collaborative’ urbanism and certainly has the qualities of all. Urbanism requires cities to commit themselves with integrated, sustainable and participative urban growth. The way worldwide cities evolve will guide the future of society not only in the urban development field, but also in their economic, ecological and civic engagement aspects. Nowadays, the main challenges we face require that cities renew their strategies to achieve better living conditions in urban areas, so that they can offer their citizens equitable and inclusive places to develop their daily life. The increasing of urban population worldwide will threaten urban planners and governors with phenomena such as the new urban management system that Smart Cities will need, slum upgrading and inclusive development patterns that guarantee the integration of the former rural citizens in the urban life.

Urban planning

Urban planning is a technical and political process concerned with the development and use of land, planning permission, protection and use of the environment, public welfare, and the design of the urban environment, including air, water, and the infrastructure passing into and out of urban areas, such as transportation, communications, and distribution networks. Urban planning is also referred to as urban and regional planning, regional planning, town planning, city planning, rural planning, urban development or some combination in various areas worldwide. It is considered an interdisciplinary field that includes social, engineering and design sciences. Urban planning is closely related to the field of urban design and some urban planners provide designs for streets, parks, buildings and other urban areas.

Urban planning guides orderly development in urban, suburban and rural areas. Although predominantly concerned with the planning of settlements and communities, urban planning is also responsible for the planning and development of water use and resources, rural and agricultural land, parks and conserving areas of natural environmental significance. Practitioners of urban planning are concerned with research and analysis, strategic thinking, architecture, urban design, public consultation, policy recommendations, implementation and management.

Urban planners work with the cognate fields of architecture, landscape architecture, civil engineering, and public administration to achieve strategic, policy and sustainability goals. Early urban planners were often members of these cognate fields. Today urban planning is a separate, independent professional discipline. The discipline is the broader category that includes different sub-fields such as land-use planning, zoning, economic development, environmental planning, and transportation planning.


SOCIAL INNOVATION starts with an idea—one with the power to change everything. With Garay Consulting, we’re bringing together the world’s greatest minds to help breathe life into new possibilities.

Our company just doesn’t accept a project unless it is attuned with our values. We ensure that all our projects share our concern for the environment, the economy, culture and spirituality. Values will remain just values, but if put into practice, becomes culture – the ultimate corporate culture,” according to Urban Planner F. Palafox, also a known Urban Planner. We however embrace innovations and advanced technologies. The only permanent in this world is truly “change”.


For more info on Sustainable Concepts in Regional and Urban Planning: a
Holistic Vision, pls check this link:
http://www.special-eu.org/assets/uploads/M1Sustainable- Concepts.pdf


http://www.bsp.gov.ph/ CENTRAL BANK OF THE PHILS.

http://www.denr.gov.ph/  DENR

http://www.sec.gov.ph/  SECURITIES & EXCHANGE COMMISSION



https://www.itdp.org Institute for Transportation and Development News

https://uli.org/ Urban Land Institute link for regular news


http://data.gov.ph/ OPEN DATA FOR FILIPINOS

http://www.cebu.gov.ph/ CEBU PROVINCE

https://www.cebucity.gov.ph/ CEBU CITY GOVT



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