Sugar is a paradox: We all know it’s not so good for us, but often we can’t resist it. Banning all sugar from our diets is a tall order, but we’ve found some ways to compromise. You already know about alternative sweeteners like agave and brown-rice syrup, but there are more and more on the scene. Here at Healthyish, we made some delicious treats with our favorite new alts: coconut sugar, date sugar, and lucuma powder.

But, first, are they really healthier? “Coconut sugar, date sugar and lucuma powder are ‘hip’ alternative sugars because they’re lower on the glycemic index than cane sugar,” says Los-Angeles based nutritionist Kelly LeVeque. That means they won’t give you the same high and crash as white sugar. They’re also unrefined, so they contain more nutrients and fiber.

But, according to LeVeque, “The glycemic index doesn’t account for the content of fructose,” a type of sugar that contributes to diabetes and heart disease, among other health problems. Too much of any sugar can wreak havoc on your metabolism, hormones, and immune system.



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