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We are duly licensed and competent real estate  appraisal authorities in the country.  All properties are required to be at valued at fair market values in the owners’ or company’s financial statements in compliance with global and international financial reporting standards.  Properties for  sale, resale and under litigation are always required to be appraised for better valuation and for fair reporting and appreciation to both sellers and buyers. Just tell us what you need or how we can help you.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, Subdivision, Institutional, Recreational, Mineral

Other Land Improvements
Roads, Water Supply, Drainage System, Canals, Railways, Bridges, Dam, Landscaping, Retaining Wall

Machinery & Equipment
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional
Plant machinery and equipment – (Lights, Medium and Heavy Industries)
Transportation Equipment – (Land, Sea, and Air Transportation.)
Furniture and Office Equipment

Agricultural Buildings (Barn, Farm House, Pigpen)
Commercial Buildings (Bank, Shopping Mall, Warehouse, Office Building)
Residential Buildings (Apartment, Dormitory, House)
Educational Buildings (School, Museum, Theater)
Government Buildings (Capitol, City Hall, Embassy, Police Station) Industrial Buildings (Brewery,
Factory, PowerPlant) Military Buildings (Barracks, Banker, Fort) Parking and Storage (Garage, Hangar,
Boat House) Religious Buildings (Church Mosque, Monastery) Transit Station (Aircraft Terminal, Bus
Station, Ferry Ship)
Medical Buildings (Hospital, Medical and Dental Building)<

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